Quizzle® Reviews: Client Testimonials

We think Quizzle‘s pretty great, but don’t take our word for it. Check out what others are saying about Quizzle!

Quizzle Client Testimonials

“Ridiculously amazing!!!”-Amy C.

“I love this because it is truly FREE and very informative!”-Betty B.

“Your site is so easy to navigate and understand. I was hesitant to get started but was pleasantly surprised at how easy the entire process was. Also, the look of the site is so modern, and vibrant. The tools and information is very clear to read and see as well as the graphics give the site a very modern and sophisticated look. I was really impressed and will be sharing this with friends and family!”-Tanya T.

“This is great! I love that you don’t have to pay a fee and you get to see your credit report updated every six months! I’ll recommend Quizzle anytime.”-Kenneth F.

“I like how Quizzle helps me know where I am with my credit and it also helps me know my budget and what I am able to spend and afford.”-Jamie B.

“Thank you so much for providing this service. I have always wanted to know my credit score so I could work on it if needed, but I just could not bring myself to pay for my score.”-Robin H.

“Very interesting and helpful website!”-Michael C.

“This is a wonderful site. It’s very user friendly and provided me with some VERY useful and valuable information. How can this be free?!”-Michael S.

“This was quick and easy to read and understand. I will definitely inform others of Quizzle.”-Andrea R.

“OMG – I finally tried Quizzle – It’s awesome!!! I mean really, truly awesome. Like a free credit report that doesn’t ding your credit score, and instant home appreciation calculations and lots of stuff I used to do by hand (i.e. never finished).”-Brian P.

“Excellent, free way to get a snapshot of one’s financial well-being. Thanks, too, for this valuable tool being free!”-John S.

“Quizzle really helped me know exactly what we need to do to improve our mortgage situation. Thank you so much!”-Wanda A.

“I have found the entire process of registering, using, updating, and providing feedback intuitive, easy and reliable. The site’s interactivity and visual cues provided a high level of confidence at each step. The instant and useful feedback allowed me to take the next step – enter the detailed budget. I believe this is the best experience that I have had with entering a budget.”-Joe S.

“This is an amazing tool. I went through the process in no longer than 7 minutes and I was able to obtain a lot of information about myself and my home. This will be a great tool to use when shopping for a home. There is a lot of very good information you can acquire about yourself and this process is PAINLESS!”-Robert L.