Credit Timeline

Get your credit report and see it from a different perspective.

Credit Timeline

Credit Timeline - A Quizzle® Exclusive

Your Credit Timeline is a chronological view that tells the story of each chapter in your credit history. It's a Quizzle exclusive, meaning you won't find this tool on any other credit web site.

Understanding Your Credit with Timeline

Unlocking your personal Credit Timeline showcases your credit history in a way you have never seen it before. It doesn't matter whether your credit history spans three or 22 years, Credit Timeline highlights the three “W's.” The Who, What and When key events took place to clearly map out what has shaped your credit over the course of time.

Our Timeline tool:

  • Illustrates your TransUnion® credit report chronologically
  • Showcases key events throughout the course of your credit history
  • Provides educational insight that updates with each new credit report