Looking for Car Insurance?

Experts suggest the better your financial history, the less likely you are to file an insurance claim, and the more likely you are to pay your insurance premium payments.

What Makes My Credit a Responsible Driver?

Insurance companies consider your age, driving record, credit history and make and model of your vehicle to help them determine whether to grant you insurance. Typically, insurance companies use specific factors on your credit report to help them calculate their own insurance score.

See what an insurance company sees when you apply for a policy.

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The Length of Your Credit History

A positive, long credit history shows responsibility and dependability, which are traits that a car insurance company would be looking for in potential customers.

On-time, Consistent Payments

Demonstrating that you make monthly credit card and loan payments accurately and on-time is a key factor in determining how you'll handle other monthly bills, like your insurance premium.

Low Credit Balances Relative to Limits Available

Low credit utilization is a sign to car insurance companies that you are not in over your head with debt obligations.

Tips When Applying for Auto Insurance

  • Know your credit. The better your credit, the higher your chances of securing the best rate.
  • Dispute any inaccuracies. Inaccurate information on your report may be holding you back from a better rate, make sure to dispute any and all inaccurate information with the credit reporting companies.