Getting a Job

Employers may check your credit report to gain insight into your obligations and how financially responsible you are. However, employers are not allowed to check your credit score.

What Does My Credit Say about Me That My Resume Doesn't?

Employers are required by law to ask for your permission before checking your credit report, saying "no" may delay the process or potentially disqualify you from the hiring process altogether.

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How Financially Responsible You Are

Late payments, high credit card balances and charge-off accounts are all things that could tip-off a potential employer that you are having trouble managing your finances.

Your Debt Obligations

The amount of debt you carry from month-to-month, along with any collection or unpaid medical accounts may set the stage for whether or not you have your debt load under control.

Public Records

Your credit report may contain information about tax liens, settlements (including unpaid child support) and bankruptcies that you may not be required to disclose in other parts of the job application process.

Tips to Consider When Applying for a Job

  • Know your credit. Be prepared and familiarize yourself with all aspects of your credit report, including accounts and public records.
  • Dispute any inaccuracies. Inaccuracies may tarnish your credit report and put up red flags to employers. Any and all information should be disputed with the credit reporting companies.