Could You Be Losing Money Renting?

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It may seem strange, but here’s the proof. You are actually losing money by renting a place rather than owning it.

Home prices have never, and we mean never, been more affordable. The fact of the matter is, this may be the perfect time for you to make that transition from renter to homeowner. If you don’t believe us check our math in this info graphic. You may be closer to grabbing that piece of the American dream than you think. - Rent vs Buying Home Infographic
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  • Lashawnda Green

    Thats what i’m paying now in rent $700 for a 3 br in a really bad neighborhood. I think it’s time for me to get my home buying process in motion…thanks for the information

  • Aseeborg

    In this economy where job security isn’t a certainty, I think the decision whether to rent or purchase a home is a little more complicated than this.