How to Get Free Stuff for Your New Baby

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Free Stuff for Your Baby

Free Stuff for Your Baby

All babies are different. Some cry all the time, while others sleep silently for most of the day and night. They can be outgoing or standoffish, curious or uninterested, picky or accepting of everything.

But all babies do share at least one thing in common: they’re expensive. Diapers, formula, clothes, toys – you name it, and we can guarantee you’ll be buying three times as much of it as you thought you would. Thankfully, companies want your business, and savvy moms and dads can find lots of freebies out there for junior if they’re will to do just a bit of looking around.

Free diapers

There are numerous ways to get free or cheap diapers. First off, several major manufacturers offer rewards programs where you get free diapers after you’ve earned enough points. Beyond that, you can register with all of the big companies to get free diapers and coupons – they want your business that much!

Calling your doctor’s office and local hospitals is another great way to get free diapers. Sometimes they’ll even have samples on hand, but even if they don’t, they can help you register for special clubs that give out baby freebies!

Free formula

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All the major formula companies are fighting for the right to be your baby’s favorite brand. That’s good news for you! Most of them offer samples and couples if you register on the site. It only take a few minutes, and soon you’ll be receiving all sorts of deals in the mail.

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Free parenting magazines

Why pay for books on parentings when you can get magazines full of up-to-date information for free? American Baby offers a free 6-month subscription, and you can receive Babytalk for free for an entire year!

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Free cribs, strollers, and more!

Babies grow up quickly, so soon you’ll find yourself with cribs, strollers, clothes, diaper bags, and a whole host of other items that you have no use for. Luckily, everyone goes through this, and some people give their stuff away or put it up for sale at low prices. Visit Craigslist and Freecycle to see what you can find.

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  • Suzanne

    Want to know how to really save money with clothing, formula, etc? Breastfeed. It’s free, almost every mom can do it and you really do save on clothing and laundry costs because spit up is less and doesn’t stain.

    I really dislike it when an article purports to offer ways of saving money with a baby and offers up suggestions of how to get samples of formula without mentioning the other side – the side that is healthier, and truly free, and is better for both mom and baby short term and longterm.

    • Bonnie

      Yea, no kidding Suzanne, but not every mother can breastfeed, so get off your high horse, and quit acting like you know everything!

  • kenya salters

    this is my first time subscribing to this website but i look forward to the comments from other parents.