How to Build Credit from No Credit in 6 Easy Steps

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If you’ve never had a credit card or a loan, your credit history is most likely a blank slate. Your credit history, as documented on your credit report, is a record of how responsibly you’ve repaid money you’ve borrowed.

Creditors and lenders use your credit history to make decisions about whether to give you a credit card or extend a loan. However, if you have no credit history, there’s no record of how you might manage debt. As a result, many creditors and lenders won’t lend you money.

It may seem like an impossible loop, but there are ways to build credit when you have no credit. Here’s how in six easy steps:

1. Get a secured credit card.

A secured credit card is just like a “regular,” or unsecured credit card, only you are required to put down a security deposit – typically $300 to $500 – to provide assurance to the creditor that you will repay your debt. Your credit limit is often the amount of your security deposit, or a percentage thereof.

Many people confuse a secured credit card with a debit card, however the two are very different. First, banks do not report debit card usage to the credit bureaus, as a debit card is not an extension of credit. A debit card is merely a convenient way to access the funds in your bank account.

Creditors, on the other hand, do typically report secured credit card activity to the credit bureaus, as a secured credit card is an extension of credit. Your purchases are not deducted from your security deposit. Rather, each time you charge something, you are effectively borrowing money from the credit card company and are obligated to repay that debt. As a result, how responsibly you use a secured credit card will affect your credit score – both positively and negatively.

2. Only charge what you can afford to pay off in full.

Building credit means consistently demonstrating your ability to pay back any money you borrow. Your goal is to prove to creditors and lenders that you can responsibly manage debt. That’s why it’s smart to start small – only charge purchases that you can afford to pay off in full every month.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to open a credit card – secured or otherwise – and sit on it. If you don’t use your credit card, you’re not demonstrating anything. Use your card at least once a month for small purchases like inexpensive meals, gasoline and drug store essentials. Try to not charge more than 50 percent of your credit limit in a given month however, as that can take a toll on your credit score.

3. Pay on time every month.

The most important thing you can do to build and maintain a good credit score is paying all of your bills and debt obligations on time every month. Even one late payment can significantly damage your credit score, especially early on.

4. Avoid applying for numerous accounts.

Each time you apply for a credit card or loan, your credit score takes a small hit. And there’s no point to chipping away at a credit score you’re trying to build up, especially when you haven’t yet demonstrated that you can handle just one credit card. Instead, use that energy to prove to yourself that you can keep the balance low on one credit card and pay the bill on time every month.

5. Check your progress by checking your credit report and score.

After six months of timely credit card payments, check your status by viewing your credit report and score. Pay special attention to what is on your credit report and any positive or negative factors listed, so you have a better idea of what you need to work on next. Also make sure to take a look at your credit score – it will help you make sense of your credit report and give you an idea of how well you’re doing.

6. After a year, apply for an unsecured credit card.

Twelve months of timely payments should be enough to show your credit card company that you can responsibly manage debt. Now’s the time to give your creditor a call to see if you can make the switch from a secured credit card to an unsecured credit card. An unsecured card frees you from your security deposit obligation, will likely carry a higher credit limit and may offer useful perks like reward points.

The key to building credit is patience. Remember that having a good credit score is like having the world’s best coupon book for all the biggest financial transactions in your life. It may take time to establish good credit, but once you do, you’ll reap the benefits of big savings.


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  • Suzie

    What banks offer a secured credit card?

    • samm

      Almost every bank offers a secured credit card. It’s best to try the bank that you bank at first. Also, CapitalOne offers a secured card with a low minimum. Pnc, TDBank, and Wells Fargo are some of the banks that offer this card.

  • Dana

    Orchard Bank & First Premier both offer secured cards and their terms are reasonable. You may even be surprised to find out you may qualify for an unsecured card. I used them when building my credit history/score and was pleased with them.

  • Constance

    A lot of your local Banks will offer you secured credit cards.This is a great way to build your credit. Also, if you are in the market for a home purchase a year after the secured credit card through your local bank, they have records of payment and are more willing to do a mortgage for you.
    Good Luck!

  • Ann

    if you done a bankruptcy in the past, can having a secure credit card help…or should you wait the 10 years again?

  • Jeremy

    The advice to pay the card off every month is idiotic. You should carry a very small balance on the card at all times to better show long term credit utilization. Not many of the advise columns will tell you this, but I tell you it and have the credit score of 807 to back up how good my advice is.

  • Denise

    Check for a list of creditors that offer secured credit cards.

  • eddie

    The 10 year rule on a bankruptcy is true, however, what they never tell you is that after the bankruptcy, you will eventually start to get credit card offers. Why? Because, by Law, you can’t file bankruptcy again for another 7 or 8 years. Creditors know that. Now that bankruptcy has wiped the slate clean, some are willing to give you a second chance. No, you will NOT get a great rate but you don’t have to wait 10 years either. Also, as long as the bankruptcy has been adjudicated for one year, you CAN get a mortgage. Again, don’t expect a good rate but you can get one with a very good down payment. It may be more difficult now as a result of the foreclosure debacle. It’s tough enough getting a mortgage now even with “golden” credit. Bankruptcy is not the end of the world. The law is there for a reason and businesses use it all the time. Never understood why they make consumers feel like criminals if they choose to file bankruptcy. Even the change in the bankruptcy law affects ONLY consumers, not businesses. Totally unfair.

  • Gimme

    Jeremy, can you elaborate please? I always pay off my card. Had my card for 18 months ($500 limit) and that’s the only thing in my credit history. Can you give a url of an article explaining your theory? Thanks

  • Justin

    Eddie. Don’t stop building your credit just because you filed for bankruptcy. Get a secure card and start using it…responsibly; pay it down each month and keep no more than 25% balance on it from month to month. Obtaining no credit for ten years after filing will only harm you as you will have no new “post-bankruptcy” credit when it comes time to try and get a car or home loan. I filed in Jan 2005, had my Chapter 13 discharged in 2008 and have built my credit back up to the mid 700s. Yes, the bankruptcy is still showing in my reports but I have also proven to creditors that I have become fiancially responsible. Even if you get a horrible APR, keep a very low balance from month to month and it won’t really matter, the high APR is worth it in the long run to help build your score back up.

    • Evelyn

      How did you get your bankroptcy discharged before your five year mark. I would like to have my bk discharged soon. I filed for bankruptcy in 2008 I was told it will not be discharged untill 2013 which will be a total of 5 yrs. Please share any information that will help my bk to be discharged sooner than 2013!!!
      Thank You,

      • Tom

        A chapter 13 bankrupcy can be discharged as soon as the terms have been caried out. If you have a hundred thousand dollars in unsecured debt and the Trustee aranged a five year plan to pay it in full but you pay extra and it is payed off in 3 or 4 years it will be discharged then.

  • Confused

    HI I need you input, I had few accounts in collection and now ive closed them all its been about 8-9month since I did that. My credit score is 627 and has not changed. I have an unsecure card (moved from a secure card) and also have an auto loan. All payments have been made on time for those. I have no outstanding negative accounts. How can I increase my score. It almost seems like its stagnant!

  • Pam

    My credit score is also over 800 and improving it takes more than just owning one credit card, you need to diversify that use of credit by having a mix of credit…like car payment or personal loan, mortgage but they do not need to be huge loans… I always pay off my card each month but I also use it each month. Don’t be afraid if you have had your card for a while to call ask them to increase your limit. Be aware though that because companies have gotten tougher on lending, that may prompt a review of your account and they may lower the amount. Having just one thing in your credit history really doesn’t show them what it takes to make your credit score jump. Try looking at the 3 credit bureau websites for more info…

  • Nina

    Hi, i have 4 credit cards that are still being unpaid for. I did not have a job and tried to support myself in college. All of those credit cards have been given to debt collectors. I just found a job and can make payment now. Are there any advice on what i should do? Also, do you know of any credit cards where i can apply to rebuild my bad credit? Thank you

    • Leslie

      Hi, Nina,
      I had many debts I couldn’t keep up with. I went to a debt relief company. They helped me deal with these debts. Now, all the credit cards are paid off. If you are interested, I can give you the name of the company. I am very happy with their help thru this terrible time. Or, you can make arrangements with each card and pay them off. Your choice.

  • Mia Lawrence

    If you can contact those collection agencies, a lot of times they will settle with you. They may also set up payment arrangements, but please make sure you pay with a money order, never a check. If you pay your payments by check and miss a payment, they can and will freeze your bank account. I hope this information helps.

  • karmella smith

    I have been a victim of identity theft for a few years now. Plus, my ex-husband stole money out of my purse the last two years of our marriage that were for my truck payments, causing me to send it back as a “voluntary repo”. Making my credit crap all over again. I paid one vehicle off and was starting on this one and four years of a five year agreement, I had to do what I thought was the right thing and sent it back to the finance company. How can I now, get my credit back up if people won’t help me prove myself again. I have the income but not the credit except “bad”. I need help.

  • Nate

    I have a few 30 and 60 days late, but they were about 6 years ago. I have a credit card that I charge about $1000/month and pay off completely every month. I owe about $5000 on my car and make my regular payements, and about $12000 in student loans making all those payments. My credit score is 643 and does not ever go up. Do you have any tips for getting my score up quickly such as concentrating on paying off my truck or student loans or more credit cards?

  • John

    I disagree with Dana (May 2, 2010) about Orchard and First Primier. Even if you have a zero balance, they still charge you a monthly maintenance fee of 8.00 – 10 dollars on a zero account balance so you are always paying them. Also they charge you an upfront fee of $175.oo on a 250.00 secured credit card. STAY AWAY. Instead go to and look up unsecured credit cards there. If possible try one of the banks that offer secure credit cards with your deposit and won’t charge you the $175.00 up-front fee or the monthly maintenance fee. Use Orchard and First Primier on a VERY last basis.

    • Darlene

      I currently have an Orchard Bank CC and they never charged me $250.00 or $175.00 upfront they charged me a normal fee for opening the acct. of $59.00 and they have never charged anything when I didn’t use the acct. I had to correct your post John.

  • helen

    you can also borrow money from your local bank and ask to take out a one year cd for that loan amount that will be the banks security. put cash in a savings account each month to cover the loan and have the loan amount deducted every month. you’ll have one full year of paying on time plus you’ll have saved the amount that you have in your cd

  • Jeff

    Nate, I had the same problem with a stagnant score despite paying all my bills on time. The outstanding student loans are the culprit. I found this out while talking to a lender when I tried to buy my first house after I finished graduate school. Your score will never budge until you get them paid off.

  • Ken

    I read several comments and they have some good answers. I want to express to all to save real cash, gather a little Gold and silver and use Credit cards wisely.
    Why do you think you see so many commercials and signs saying “we buy your scrap gold” you can bet most who fall for this dont know the daily price of an oz of gold.
    Gold and Silver are REAL currency,,,look at the world system the Euro,, the falling Dollar.
    In 2004 I bought a Gold 1 oz coin in a pawn shop for $437.00 today that coin is worth $1200.00 – no stock has that increase in the same time frame.
    We all know the manipulators on Wall Sreet and in Big Banks want control and are resposible for our cirrent economy.
    My coaching would be – Have $1000. emergency cash before charging $ 1000.oo credit cards debt. Have savings instead of new electronics or cars or anything else.
    Plant a garden- Have some Food and Water stored for emergencys.
    Just a bit of wisdom.

  • Jae

    I have been in financial ruin for about 5-6 years. After getting divorced from a man that failed to pay bills and lied about it, and opened joint accounts in my name post separation, I had numerous accounts go to collection because I couldn’t afford to pay them. Recently, about 18 months ago, I pulled my credit report at, organized all of the people I owed money to, and called them up one by one and asked them to work with me. It has taken me 18 months but I’v paid off $9,843 simply by calling up the creditors and negotiating a settlement with them. I chose not to use a debt consolidation company because I would have had to enter into an agreement that would have lasted upwards of 3-5 years and pay a fee for their service, when I did it all on my own. I’ve ordered a secured credit card and am now working on rebuilding my credit. This may not work for some people, but it worked for me.

  • shon

    I have two credit cards with orchard bank. Just applied for premier for 700.00 and yes they are going to take out 175.00 Im only getting this to rebuild my credit on top of a bankruptcy which is five years old. I do have some other accounts im paying off like fingerhut. my score was just up in the high 600′s and something just made them go down, was it because i did an investivation on something on my report. Something new was just put on there which i paid off right then and there, they said it would not be on my report and now it is can i cal them to have it taken off.

  • Simply Deb

    I opened an account with Ochard in 7-07 in 9-07 I had a car accident, I haven’t worked since. But I kept up on my payments never missed a one. In Oct last year I was going to have surgery on my broken collar bone, so I called Orchard & told them & asked if they would please hang in there with me & I would get back on line soon. They said yes, two times I called & they said it was ok. So I had my surgery & in Dec. I was placed in collections!? so in Feb. I paid off the account & closed it. They lie! & almost ruiened my credit “BAD ORCHARD BANK BAD”!!!!!

  • Rusty

    I was devorced in 2003. In the devoicre i was orderd to quit clam deed the house to the x. I was told by the judge that i would not be hold liable for the payments. The x is about 5,000 dollars behind and morage company is started forcloser. this in on my credit report and they will not take off because both of our names is on the morage. She refused to refinance. I have payed off two new vehicles and have two credit cares which i pay off every month. I did file bankruptcy in 2003. My credit score is 597. I was told that my low credit score was manily due to home forcloser. With out the home forcloser it would be in the low 700. I have worked hard to correct my score and the x knows the house is screwing my credit. Does anybody have any help?

  • angela

    you must did not do something right it should have recorded at the local deeds office you should consult an attorney. When you quit claim you should have given her the responsibility. You can also contact the major credit bureaus and submit a statement that will show up on that foreclosure. And everyone who pulls your credit will see your statement. And Rusty please believe everything someone do ugly towards others they get it back…….. some way a lil bit later……

  • Sue

    I recently paid off an auto loan and a jewelry store loan. I have two credit cards that I pay off every month and that have low limits(Orchard & First Premier) . Premier has too many charges, but I opened because I needed to build credit. I’ve paid off two secure “credit builder” loans with my credit union. My score stays between 575 & 600. Thought paying the auto loan off would lift it. I also have student loans in deferment status. All I can think of is that the high balance of the student loans is what keeps my score down. It’s like being stuck in a sand pit. No matter what you pay off, the score never goes up.

  • Mike

    Hello Everyone,
    Ok here is my question(s)… we hav past debits that we are unable to pay (large hospital bills not covered by insurance) and they just keep getting sold from one collection agency to another… will these eventually fall off from the original date the debt was incrued? or does the proverbial clock start over every time they are sold to another collection agency? Also what about the charge offs? do they fall off ? even if we pay them?


  • Dianne

    how do I get started, I am purchasing a house (rent to own) I was paying $1200. a month for ten years, he would also pay taxes and insurance on the house for ten years. because of some income lost I refinanced my house to pay $800. a month, for 15 years. What I want to do is borrow $160,000.00 with this money I want to have a clean slat in my credit report. and remodel my home to have it generate an income of $650.00 to $700.00 by making it a two bedroom apartment in the basement. because of divorce and stupidity on my part my score is only 540. How would I and who could I borrow money from to do all this. thanks Dianne

  • Gina

    To all those whose credit score doesn’t move – check your credit report to see if there is any in collections. Then check to see the ratio or debt to income. Next, check the balance on your card. If you have a $300 limit, make sure you have $30 or under only on the card. Paying it off completely doesn’t help your score as much as maintaining a small balance. Don’t go over 30%. What is your total debt? If it is too much, your score will lower. Anything in collections will drastically reduce your score. Pay the original creditor, not the collections agency. Then dispute the collections agency. Make them delete it off your credit.

  • Norma

    I have been paying for a vehicle in my soon to be exhusband name because he had the better credit. Now I still have about 36 payment left on the vehicle. My credit score right now is 592 and my chapter 13 payments will be completed in about 10 months. How should I go about getting the vehicle transfrerred into my name, and raising my credit score.

  • Timmy

    I have some debt that was charged off. I accepted the settle agreement and paid what my creditor said to pay and then they would consider it satisfied. I have 2 of these on my credit report. Can the creditor ever come back and collect the remaining funds? If I were to pay the amount they waived, then would they change the status from charged off to fully paid? Or, do I just accept the mess I got myself into and not make the mistake again?

  • Judy

    I recently went to get pre approved for a mortgage and was told that I need three things showing credit history. I have been employed with the same employer for six years. I just have one credit card now for 3 years six months. I was denied for a personal loan at my bank. They said not enough credit. I have alot of savings and did not need the loan. I just wanted it to improved my credit score and start to add to my credit app. Can someone tell me how do you build credit. I have one credit card which is pay as agreed for the last 3years and six months.

    • Larry Charles

      In this sense, I bet they are looking for more significant credit. For example, do you currently have a car payment? This is proof of you financing a significant amount of money (15,000 or more) and paying every month on time. This is something that actually looks good on a credit report. I imagine your credit history is missing something like this if you have a good job, and an open credit account but not enough “credit”.

      • Lawrence

        Hi Judy. I read that you have a lot of savings. Credit Unions will allow you to take out a shared secure loan. This is a loan where they will allow you to borrow against how much you have in savings. For example if you have 1000 in savings, you apply for 500 or 1000. The credit union will lend your money in the form of a loan. These loans have very low interest rates and the credit union will send this loan to the credit bureau. It is an excellent way to build credit. Also your 1000 will continue to earn dividends until the loan is paid back.

  • tjpnnu

    i am 1 month and 2 month late payment for my cell bill,and i moved from BC TO ON and had shaw internet and when i moved i sent there modem along with my house hold things in truck. when i came to ontario i called them and gave them my new phone # and house address if any pending payment is there and told them i will send there modem.i never got any call or letter stating that if they have’nt receive modem,they give give it to collection day i checked my credit history and was surprised to see that they gave my account to collection agency and my credit score went down from 785 to 635.i called them and asked that i haven’t receive any letter for collection and made the payment in full for modem. CAN ANY ONE TELL ME HOW MUCH TIME IT TAKE TO GET BACK AS IT SHOWS ONE COLLECTION AGENCY ,AND TWO PAYMENT DELAY FOR MY CELL BILL.I HAVE 2 CREDIT CARD AND THEY INCREASE MY CREDIT LIMIT FROM 1500 TO 5000 AND ANOTHER FROM 500 TO 1500 AND MAKING PAYMENT ON TIME .I WENT FOR MORTGAGE AND BANK DECLINED DUE TO THIS.ANY BODY CAN HELP ME HOW MUCH TIME IT TAKE TO GO FROM 635 TO 785 SCORE

  • pablo rodriguez

    if I have an anaccure information in my credit report and I fix it with the creditor,,,,,I have to inform to the 3 credit agency about that,,??? or inform one of them will be more than enough??

  • Ann-Marie @ Quizzle

    Hi Pablo! You were smart to start with the creditor, as they’re likely the source of the inaccurate information. If you’ve corrected the problem with them, they should now report accurate data to all three credit bureaus. However, you should check yourself just to be sure.

    You may want to wait about 30 days for the accurate information to be reported, then check all three of your credit reports. If you still see the inaccuracy, dispute it with the credit bureau that has the erroneous information. If it’s all three, you should dispute it with all three. Good luck!

  • roger

    My question is…is it good enough to charge my credit card say $1 a month, and pay it off, to get the most benefit, or do I need to charge it more?

  • Ed


    I’ve done a LOT of research on how to optimize one’s credit score.

    To answer your question, ideally, you want the credit card company to report 1-2% utilization to the credit bureaus. The amount reported is the statement balance on your monthly statement.

    For example, if your credit limit is $1000, 2% is $20. Let’s say during the month, you’ve accumulated $500 in charges. Before the statement closing date (not to be confused with the payment due date), send a payment of $480. I recommend sending the payment 7-10 days before the statement closing date to ensure that the payment gets posted in time. This leaves a balance of $20 when the statement period closes and that’s the amount that gets reported to the credit bureaus. Then pay the remaining $20 balance before the payment due date. Now you are paid-in-full and will not incur any interest charges.

    Following this practice will maximize your credit score. Having said that, it should be noted that it’s not necessary to keep it at maximum levels all the time. The critical time in which you want a maximum credit score is when you’re about to apply for credit, ie a home mortgage, a car loan, another credit card. If you anticipate applying for new credit, then I’d start the payoff strategy I described 3 months beforehand.

    I hope that helps.

    • http://quizzle Tracey

      Hey- how do you calculate or know the statement closing date?

  • Keith

    For nearly 2 years now I have been in the process of Rebuilding my credit due to Unemployment and a near fatal car accident and have been most successful (+150pts). I have found that the best way to begin the process is to start with Secured Credit Cards (I used a few different ones – Wells Fargo{Best choice as it transfers over to Unsecured}, New Millenium, Applied). For the most part they were small credit limits $200-500 each with both Visa and MasterCards being used. As well I had a CD Secured personal loan from my local Credit Union (reported to all 3 Bureaus) to add variety (non-revolving) to my Credit file. On Credit Utilization (counts for 30% of Credit Score) for optimal scoring use less than 20% of any of your Credit Limits at any time. If your Card issuer allows make bi-monthly payments to ensure continual payments to your account(s). I actually have a Free Automatic Bill Pay with my main bank (Wachovia) that helps me to ensure that my payments are always made and ontime everytime (Most Important – Never Miss a single payment!). If you do need or want to close accounts (Annual Fees/% Rates) make sure to stagger them out (6 months apart or more) to avoid hitting your credit too much. Lastly, Credit Inquires try to keep to a minimum as each can ding you several points (3,5,7pts or more) as they remain on your Credit Reports for 2 years although only actually count against you for the first 12 months. Good Luck!

  • http://quizzlewire kimmy

    what is the best to start on… i need help lol

  • Sarah

    How do medical bills work? I heard an outstanding hospital or let’s say an unexpected ER visit isn’t going to be as harmful to your credit?

  • Phong lor

    Is schools financial credit union a good bank to start the credict

  • Lawrence Israel

    I have been a drunk and a drug addict for over 30 years. Now, after 6 years of being clean and sober, I now have an opportunity to enter into a lease/option to buy a home. However, over the years, I have not established any credit. My credit score is 0. Pacific Service Credit Union has givin me a secured Visa and a secured personal loan. Is there anything else I should do to build my credit score, and, will my score be raised enough to qualify for a home loan? Please help!

    • Lawrence Israel

      Also, how long will it take to establish a credit score high enough to qualify for a home loan?

  • Shaqueta

    If all of my accounts are reported closed how long will they stay on my credit? Also, If I file for bankruptcy at the age of 27, how long will it be before I can try to get a loan to repair my house and property? With my credit in the poor catergory can I still get a secured credit card? I really need to build my credit score up. I get married this year and I don’t want my poor credit score to hinder me and my soon to be husband from having a liveable lifestyle. I need information bad. Could someone please help me. I will really appreciate it. Thanks, S. Brown

  • Kyle

    Is there any secure credit card that does not require a down payment?

    • luke

      No. it is secured with your down payment. that is what makes it secured.

  • NewImage

    I did what this website suggested. I’m 30 and never needed credit. I always used a debit card for everything or paid with cash. But it was time to start looking for a house and could not get a loan. A year ago I had a 0 credit score, I then took out a secured loan for 500$ and a secured credit card for 500$ to have 2 different kinds of credit. I set up the credit unions website to automatically pay off the secured loan for me, so I would never forget. I use the credit card for all of my other day to day purchases, a good thing because it has gotten ripped off 3 times but they were only able to get about 200$ off the card, and not the thousands on my debit. I pay my CC almost 95-100% off every 2 weeks, so I have never been charged any interest. I checked my FICO score 10 months into it and I had a 660, but once 1 year passed it jumped to a 725 a top tire score. Not bad for 1 year of waiting and the 50$ I had to pay in interest at 18% on the secured loan. I did make some mistakes like I accidentally maxed out my card a few times, but I guess the damage was low. If I was to do it again I might have made them both for 1000$ giving a higher debt to credit ratio.

  • Ashton

    This is so flicking stupid not the article just credit in general whats the difference between the first one an a debut card not only that I understand but you giving them 500 bucks for a year is proving you’re trustworthy?! What If I get it and don’t spend any at all? Not only that but I don’t wanna waste my money on bullshit I’m buying that I’ll never use just to establish credit I want a motorcycle I’m not a bum or lazy as flick I know 100% I can pay it off but I have no credit hell id rather save the cash for 5 years then conform to this self made debut shat

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    • Hector

      I sell cars for a living, they are trying to rip you off. Get your own financing through your bank or credit union or go to another dealer. 720 is a decent score and would land you in the 4% or lower range. I sell Volvos so the average score is 815 but we have had low 700′s before.

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