A Free Credit Report and Free Credit Score, You Say? Okay, What’s the Catch?

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Free Credit Report, Free Credit Score & Money Management Tools at Quizzle.com

Free Credit Report, Free Credit Score & Money Management Tools at Quizzle.com

It’s always a shame when a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case in the world of “free” credit reports and “free” credit scores.

On Quizzle’s Yahoo! Answers Knowledge Partner profile, I answer questions about credit and personal finance, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across the question, “Where can I go to get a REALLY free credit report?” Or “Where can I get a free credit report without a credit card?

What’s interesting are the answers definitively claiming, “There’s no place to get a credit score for free.” Or, “The only site that offers a really free credit report is AnnualCreditReport.com.” Or even, “All free credit score sites sell your information.” FALSE, FALSE and FALSE!

I can’t speak for other websites, but here’s the real deal on Quizzle.com:

Quizzle Provides a Totally Free Credit Report & Free Credit Score.

We give you a full and free Experian credit report and a free CE credit score. We foot the bill for these freebies because we believe that you should have access to all the most important information about, well, YOU!

What’s in it for us, you may ask? In addition to some helpful freebies we give you – credit report, credit score, home value estimator, home loan recommendations, budget planner and expert personal finance advice – we’ll also offer some important home, money and credit services to you at a low price. That’s how we make our money. However, any tools, products or services we may offer are 100 percent optional and we’ll never sell your private information.

There’s No Catch. Really & Truly. No Spam, No Unwanted Phone Calls, No Trials or Subscriptions You Don’t Want.

We’re trained to believe that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But that doesn’t mean that everything that’s free has a catch attached to it.

Before my dad signed up for Quizzle, he asked me if he would get a bunch of spam in his email inbox when he registered. It’s a smart question to ask, but for goodness sake, my own father?! Look, I get it. I’m skeptical of “free” too. But I PROMISE we will not spam you. We have a few helpful email alerts we offer — like reminders when you’re eligible for your new free credit report and score (every six months) and when a new home loan program becomes available that may save you money (based on the criteria you set) — but they’re completely optional. You can turn them on or off at anytime.

As far as unwanted phone calls, we will NOT call you (unless of course, you ask us to). We don’t even ask you for your phone number when you register.

And here’s a big one: We will not sign up you up for a service you don’t want or a trial you didn’t ask for. Another thing we don’t ask you for when you sign up for Quizzle is your credit card number. After all, if it’s really free, why would we need it?

Quizzle Offers a FULL Credit Report. And Our Credit Score Is the Real Thing, Not an Estimate.

Most websites that offer a free credit report or free credit score offer one or the other. In fact, I can’t think of a single website that will give you both for free. Really and truly free, that is. Quizzle, on the other hand, gives you a full credit report to go with your free credit score.

Another misconception I’ve come across is that the credit score in Quizzle is merely an estimate. Not true! We offer a CE Credit Score, which tracks closely to leading industry scores. It’s a real credit score and it uses a formula created by CE Analytics.

So there it is. The real deal, fa’shizzle dizzle on Quizzle (yep, I went there). Everything you wanted to know about Quizzle’s free credit reports and free credit scores (and probably some stuff you didn’t). And if somehow you’re still not convinced, check out what these folks are saying about Quizzle:

Other folks in the news are talking, as well as our own clients – see what they have to say. Now it’s time to get Quizzling!

Editor’s Note: If you would like to take a peek at your FREE credit report and FREE credit score, no catches, no trial subscriptions, no credit card required, simply go to Quizzle.com and create a free account.

You’ll get a free credit report and score every six months just for signing up. Click here to get started now.

  • Marcilea Fletcher

    Thanks but still don’t understand how to get credit report..Marcy

  • margaret ball

    I just saw Jean Chatskey on the Today show and she said
    to get a free credit report to go to Quizzle.

    I sure hope it’s free, I live in Pittsburgh, Pa and am

    If the report is not totally free, I do not want it

    Thank you,

    Peg Ball

  • http://www.quizzle.com Ann-Marie Murphy

    Thank you for your comments! Marcilea – To get your totally free credit report and score, simply go to https://www.quizzle.com, enter your zip code and answer a few questions. Once we verify your identity, you’ll have access to your Experian credit report. Peg – I *promise* you that our free credit report and score are really and truly free. Jean Chatzky wouldn’t recommend us otherwise. And as extra assurance, we don’t ask you for you credit card when you sign up. Why? Because if it’s really free, why would we need it? Happy Quizzling!

  • http://none Cliff

    If you pull my credit report for me does that make the score # less for checking personally?

  • http://www.quizzle.com Ann-Marie Murphy

    Hi Cliff! Great question. When we pull a credit report for you in Quizzle, it’s known as a “soft inquiry.” As its purpose is educational, it will not affect your credit score – not even a little bit. So sit back, relax and enjoy your freebie. Happy Quizzling!

  • Danyell Clark

    I was reading an article on yahoo that said to check out quizzle for the free report. At first I wasn’t interested because I’ve seen so many ads and claims of how your suppose to get a free report but every time I inquired about it it turned out not to be so free. However Im a graduating Senior from Hampton University and thought maybe I need to know and tried one more time. ITS FREE!!!! the site was really helpful and i plan to recommend it to some others as well!!! GOOD JOB QUIZZLE!!!

  • http://aol Sharon Hartman

    I was really surprised to find this site from listening to Clark Howard.I have had to pay for this service in the past,but found your site to really be free. This site also gives you a free credit report and score and lots of information about how to improve your credit, if needed.I am going to recommend my friends and family to this site.It is great, and very helpful.Thank you so much Quizzle.

  • Misty Osborne

    It really is free!!!! I am so glad I looked it up. No credit or financial info needed.

  • Julietta

    That is the best website ever. I was able to pull my credit report after five years for free. Finally. I love quizzle!

  • http://yahoo Catherine McCombs

    I have tried all the 3 in one credit reports/ scores and the annual credit check. But being in the Army stationed overseas Quizzle really worked easier and REALLY FREE. I reccomend for anyone especially military people who have to be alert for identity fraud to try Quizzle.

  • Judy Fleming

    Wow, it really was a free credit score and credit report. Thank you so much!!

  • wiliam

    This article is very informative.This is great to say Quizzle worked just fine for me.It is also fast which starts work less then 5 minutes.As compare to CreditKarma, Quizzle is better for me.Thanks for great sharing on a single page.

  • Rhesha

    I pulled my totally free report last week and was pleasantly surprised. So many sites tell you that you can obtain a free report, but have to pay for the score or vice-versa. This site is fantastic and will help me repair my credit. Thanks Quizzle!!

  • steve edwards

    at last a no gimmick offer

  • Christy Skinner

    Wow! Thanks!

  • MARY

    Wow found something really great, I needed to know information on my credit and found this website QUIZZLE I love it i will always make sure i have the address with me I need to improve my credit.

  • JJ

    At last a true, honest company that says “get it free” and they nbot only mean it but actually do it…. thank you QUIZZLE, I wish many other companies would also do what they say they will do, companies in question the ones that offer to find a name or address from a reverse phone number for free, once you are there and enter the number, all of them come back and say “we got the info you wanted, they show you the town or city, but if you want to now the real info, name, address, etc. then you have to pay”, what is the use to know the city or town only…..
    So well done for showing that some companies still can deliver what they promise.

  • DJ

    How often can you pull a report? Is it once a year?

  • Chris Hicks

    This site is totally awesome. It really helps you get a grip on the budgets you work tirelessly to fix and re-fix. The helpful tools and instructional pages are a plus to help aid in your financial future. Oh yeah, and it’s free. Thanks Quizzle!

  • Gary C. Smith

    I think I got the Quizzle web site from Kim Komando’s web site, anyway at first I was dubious about the site, not because they offered you a FREE credit report/score. But to be helpful and actually become a financial advisor and help you IMPROVE your financial score etc; all I have to say is I’m grateful to Quizzle in helping and guiding me to a better financial standing, thank you Quizzle for your help and for being HONEST with your claim of FREE REPORTS!

  • Leanne

    AWESOME Website! Yes, it IS totally free! Recommend to everyone to sign up!

  • Nicole

    It is really sad how so many people try to get money from credit scores and reports. This site was really helpful. I actually have never heard of this site until I begin house hunting and a loan company recommended this site.

  • Jennifer

    It is really free! Thanks so much, I used freecreditreport.com and they are horrible they charged me and sold my information so I get spam all the time now…i wish I knoew about Quizzle before! THANK YOU QUIZZLE

  • onita

    this site is the best ever. it helps me keep track of what im doing to improve my score, and best yet, it is free.. i tell everyone about this site that they actually say what they mean, i was always upset that if i wanted to get my score, i had to pay for it, i mean really???? it is mine, why should anyone have to pay for something that is attached to them and reflects who they are in this world? im trying to get my boyfriend to do this but i think no matter what i say he is still kinda skeptical, he says he dont want to know, i dont see that being the case at all. anyways thanks you bunches quizzle for making lives easier to get it all for free, especially for those with a very low income and cant afford to pay to get a credit score or report.

  • Penny

    I read an article about quizzle in the RealSimple magazine. I got my free report & score today. Thanks Quizzle.



  • gottagit

    THANKS QUIZZLE!!!!! Clark Howard said Quizzle was legit and he is absolutely correct

  • W.Springhorn says:

    I heard about your site in the July issue of Real Simple mag. ,clark Howard also gives you a two thumbs up. thank you very much. Very easy to use and for me thats a plus.

  • William Lawson

    I heard about your site yesterday, July 26, 2010, from an email that I received. And I am working with “Lexington Law Firm,” whose Repairing My Credit Thru All Three Major Credit Bureau’s.

  • Tuan

    Thank you so much for making this website! I’m telling EVERYONE I know about i! =D

  • Kenneth e Braniecki Sr

    This quizzle site is great

  • Raj Naidu

    This is one of the best site I ever came across, thanks for having such a nice site with lot of information.

  • Rick-Tennessee

    Thank you very much…I appreciate not giving my SS and still getting all this important information……Thanks again.

  • John – Hutchinson, MN

    I am very sceptical about FREE offers. It looks like this one I can Trust. Wow.

  • John Bruening

    Well…wonder of wonders, it really was free! Thanks!

  • rhonda carroll

    I am happy that I stepped out on a branch & used Quizzle. I was able to have several items on my report investigated because most of them didn’t belong to me! I wondered why my score was so low…now I’m on the way to improvement when those items are removed. Thanks Quizzle!!!

  • http://www.quizzle.com krystal

    How often does the website update the credit score? Is it every six months, a year??

  • Tom

    Woooow_ I can’t believe my self about this site , it’s Free , full informations, thank You very much, try to recommended to everyone

  • Sharon

    Would proof of completing CWCD (Credit When Credit is Due) increase my score at all…? Also, if it was completed 3-4 years ago, would it still be helpful?

    Thank you!

  • medinagirl

    Someone at work before I got laid off told me about this site she stated that it was free of course I did not believe her but after signing up its free and MUCH more I have not had a chance since college to really look at my score and work on it and find out whats going on with my credit, I will start a job in a few and with this site I can start with a clean slate with my credit and work on some things. BEST site ever!!!!!

  • CC

    I LOVE this website!! Finally, someone gets it right! The person who should have free access to my credit scores is… me! And if you want to purchase extra services or improve your credit score, that’s where you can spend money if you choose.

  • Monica

    I tried this site out since I heard it on Clark Howard, it’s been great.
    I thought you were able to check your credit out a few times a year for free.
    Was I mistaken?

    • Stacia

      Monica, I’ve been on this site for over a year, and up until now you could get a free credit score and report every 180 days. Apparently, they have changed it. This is new to me as well.

  • https://www.quizzle.com Ann-Marie Murphy

    Hi Monica and Stacia! You can still get a totally free credit report and score from Quizzle every six months. If you need to take a look more frequently than that, we also offer the option to purchase them for just $7. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at feedback@quizzle.com. Happy Quizzling!

  • Angela Prew

    Love it!!

  • http://Facebook Valeria C

    I was very,very please with Quizzle. They gave me just what I needed, no hassle credit score. Thank you Quizzle very much.

  • http://bobby.allen73@yahoo.com bobby allen

    i would to get a home

  • jack h

    truly free. i have tried it and it is awesome,i repeat it is free and well worth checking out

  • Ashley

    Everyone – it’s free- the only catch is its only every 6 months (if you consider that a catch) — if you want it monthly with scores, etc there is a fee

  • Melissa

    The Quizzle credit score is helpful but not the same as the lenders use. When I thought I would qualify for the best auto loan rate with a 750 score from Quizzle, I learned that my FICO score was only 722, and I was ineligible for the preferred rate.